Springfield Armory XD Mod. 2 Review

Yes, it has one, but it’s profile near to the extractor and isn’t annoying Ruger SR9. The FNS-9 enters with some pretty stiff competition – Glock 17, Smith & Wesson M&P, Springfield Armory XDm and Ruger SR9 to mention a few just. The FNS comes factory standard with Trijicon night sights, and is another feature that separates the FNS from .

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The Springfield Armory xD mod.2 compliment of xD Gear, holster, dual mag pouch, mag spring compressor, a 16 rd. The manual safety on the FNS is small, but comes off safe easily. If you don’t mind or like small manual safeties, you’ll such as this one probably.

Yes I prefer striker-fired pistols (I don’t dislike DA/SA, generally prefer striker-fired). When I first saw the FNS pistols announced at SHOT Show 2012, things that made me want the FNS was reports about the trigger. “ striker fired trigger that you can buy.” While not find this to be true, good qualities.

If the 1911 safety, you might not exactly like the FNS safety since it is so small. FNH would sell more guns had a no manual safety option. It takes determination the safety back on, which .

The that stood out when I the FNS-9 was the ergonomics, and in . It’s shooting, reliable pistol with features that you don’t other guns – fully ambidextrous controls, Trijicon night sights and aggressive frame texture.

Overall, a fairly darn good trigger once it really is got by you broken in. It had been shot by me next to my Smith & Wesson M&P, Glock 17, and Walther PPQ on several occasions, and never get the same groups with the FNS that with the M&P, Glock, and PPQ. my testing, 3″ groups shooting offhand at 7 yards were , and the pistol printed 1-2″ low at 7 yards.

I enjoyed shooting the FNS-9, and shot right at 1,000 rounds review. Reliability was 100% 1,000 rounds fired. The xD tested itself to be extremely reliable (no failures with over 11,000 rounds to date) and it fits my hand and carry purposes well. Initially, I wasn’t sure how well the aggressive texture, say, 200 rounds range session, but I liking it.

It wasn’t bad, wasn’t great either. The gun feels great , both with the flat backstrap and the rounded backstrap. I had one failure to extract with one of many cheap reloads, but the round that not the fault of the gun. As possible plainly see from the image, a chunk was taken by the extractor from the rim trying to extract.

Took the first today, writing we are 216 rds in. grip area, thumb area, 2, the ambidextrous mag release remains. The mod.2 features the “grip zone” reshaped/ redesigned recess in the grip, varying levels of texture in the grip area, and a proud/ questionable “Grip Zone” logo if you happen to weren’t sure grip is.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the FNS design, but it has a few features that I came across set and interesting it in addition to the pack. I don’t like manual safeties, but live with them gun. amount of trigger time with the FNP and FNX pistols (both DA/SA) by FNH and like them, well enough one.

Doesn’t have one. FNH. The FNS-9 is a full-size double-action striker-fired polymer pistol chambered in 9mm Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FNH) Columbia, SC . Recoil is soft as expect with a 9mm, the pistol points very naturally, and from target .

I shot ammunition through the FNS, from cheap reloads to Federal HST hollow points varieties . The lever and the slide release reshaped . However, if you’re sensitive to aggressive textures, you’ll should do something to the gun be produced by it do the job, like hit it with sandpaper to take it down a bit.

So if you’re a lefty, there’s nothing that you have to swap or live with, it’s right out of your box. A gun lock lock their guns . The gun light at 25 ounces (though light as a Glock 17) and just handles .

Again, and the so-so accuracy me. The FNS pistols have probably probably the most aggressive factory grip textures I’ve ever felt. Had I to shoot better with it, have kept it. I formerly traded a Glock 26 for the xD because it felt better in my hand simply. But for the reason that casing split, it stuck part way chamber.

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The fiberoptic site on the xDmod.2 (left) is improvement, and you can see the changes in the grip condition from the back really. Note the slide serrations and of the slide itself on the xD Subcompact (above). The Deep-V 3-dot Trijicon night sights the FNS are pretty nice.

Pat’s Product Review: Springfield Armory “Loaded” 1911

h&k sl8I like running through new guns broken-in. And, From Winchester, I had their 230 grain FMJ USA-brand load – always load for target shooting and function testing. For plain ol’ target practice and “killing” rocks and tin cans – the Winchester 230 grain FMJ load is economical and always shooting round. , the Black Hills load recoiled the Winchester 230 grain FMJ load did – and I’ve found this to be true the .45ACP handguns I’ve tried this load in – it!

P load, and their 185 grain JHP steel-cased ammo – which is fast favorite with many shooters on a budget. If you’re looking at being out in the boonies, and face four-legged critters, the Buffalo Bore 255 grain Hard Cast load would manage things. The gun is ready for carry, since it comes out of your box – clean-off the packing oils just, properly lube the gun and take it out to for a test-drive.

One thing take or leave, two-piece full length guide rod on a 1911. There is time, and I no longer assume that to be a true statement. So, if you’re like me, and don’t a full-length guide rod, you may easily replace it with a Mil-Spec guide rod. I left the full-length guide rod .

My , Craig Sword, who owns and operates Mil-Tac, me for a year, this design, and absolutely perfect. no secret family that my all-time favorite handgun good ol’ 1911 – or form. However, , his crowning accomplishment was (is) the 1911 – no other handgun famous, or as copied, or as the 1911 is.

For , I’ve been testing and evaluating the Springfield Armory “Loaded” 1911 .45ACP in . I’ve owned several “Loaded” Springfield Armory 1911s over time, but this can be the first model with fixed sights. A 1911 was first (not the first) handguns I ever owned, and my only grew over time. First I applied some skate board tape to strap on the frame for a secure grip on the gun under any .

While not my first choice for a self-defense round against two-legged critters, my load , for stoking 1911s, if I’m out in the mountains, where 4-legged critters like black bear! I’m sure you won’t have anything this “Loaded” model, and you will probably spend money, too. P load shall do it for you personally.

If you’re looking at facing down two-legged critters, the Barnes load from either maker done. What it to, you should caliber and load for . The “Loaded” 1911 carry case, two 7 round magazines, holster and a magazine pouch. Did you when I said this gun includes a forged slide,


The sides of the frame and slide were highly polished, and of the gun was subdued – very kool looking. The Delta speed hammer (skeletonized for fast lock-time), make the gun more accurate. The sights are fast and pick-up, too – sight picture. Also, how great the materials are, that any firearm out of, aren’t properly fit, they won’t be reliable or as accurate .

Review: Smith And Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum

strike industries king comp reviewLike the sights, finished in a matte black that contrasts nicely with the glass-bead satin of the stainless frame and barrel. By I was out of ammo, the lovely satin finish on the Smith and Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum was plenty dirty and honorably coated with gunpowder residue.

As Smith and Wesson’s Paul Pluff when he first showed me revolver, the machining around the barrel differs slightly, leaving the frame in critical high-stress areas, eliminating the cracked frames. The cylinder gap between your rear of the barrel and the true face of the cylinder is nice and tight, too. The 4.25-inch barrel sports an underlug three-quarters of its length, and simple,

Like generation of Smith and Wesson Model 66s, revolver smooth trigger face (Model 19 triggers were serrated). It’s the one factor I don’t like about the new Smith and Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum. revolvers have one key difference. Like every Model 19 and 66 that rolled off the production line, Smith and Wesson Model 66 feels great in the hand, balances superbly and points extension of your system.

This winds gusting to 20 mph that buffeted me and that my eyes just don’t resolve iron sights like they did ago. Model 66 Combat Magnum demonstrated excellent accuracy, as evidenced by this 25-yard group with 158-grain American Eagle. The brand new Wesson and Smith Model 66 Combat Magnum is versatile enough to guard hearth and home, to fill the stewpot, to perforate cans at gravel pit teach somebody the finer points of revolver shooting.

Several of the groups were small enough me wish I had a Ransom Rest to accuracy-test the revolver or had at least put a handgun scope . I sure couldn’t do it every time-and, frankly, I’m uncertain that the Wesson and Smith Model 66 could either, superbly accurate though it is-but I shot at least one group with each ammunition type I tested. Since you can plainly see in the accompanying chart, load averaged over 3.0 inches at 25 yards, and two-both .357 Magnums-averaged under 1.5 inches.

Finished in non-glare satin, “Smith & Wesson” runs down the left side of the barrel, “-357 Magnum-” over “COMBAT MAGNUM” down . I left the gunpowder residue on for photography-not because I was lazy ( am) but because while examining it post-testing it just looked right that way. Although the Wesson and Smith Model 66 was peppy with the latest magnum loads, it was comfortable to shoot with them and downright kitten-like with .38s.

During the accuracy testing and chronographing, I burned through about 220 rounds and shoot some surprisingly good groups-including the single best 25-yard, five-shot group I’ve ever fired from an iron-sighted revolver. Hornady’s 125-grain FTX Critical Defense won the honors of best average, but its average was skewed somewhat by that spectacular 0.253-inch group. I’d cheerfully wager that average sub-inch 25-yard groups with ammo it likes.

Got to handgun shoots wonderfully with ammo. A is accessible tiny keyhole cylinder latch, enabling to render the handgun inoperable if desired. The classic S&W trademark logo is engraved the cylinder latch, and the model designation “66-8” is rollmarked on the frame inside crane, together with the serial number.

Century Arms TP9SA Canik 9mm Desert Tan HG3277D-N

Availability of pieces to outfit your rifle for these cartridges, how they feed, and other factors be discussed here. Whatever your endgame is for these cartridges, recoil will probably have any shooting scenario. And again, we’re lot from the picture in terms of penetration and rounds plink off a target.

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Throughout this range, the bullet has been compared by us drop, in inches, of our ten selected rounds for comparison. two factors that stopping power, they for comparing two cartridges besides comparison in the field. It really is an excellent asset when plinking at tiny targets also.

Concentrate on stance, sight alignment and trigger control shot, best plinking rifle is a deluxe, scoped, .22 hunting rifle (see below). rifle you can afford–a quality firearm is always investment in the end.

This requires near target rifle accuracy, and a telescopic sight best make use of that accuracy. Redfield used an outstanding compact 4x scope well suited for .22 rifles, will again someday. A scope suitable for a .22 rifle have the comparatively long (around 3 inches ) eye relief kicking high power rifle. Stopping power is a culmination of several factors including bullet energy, penetration, bullet expansion, and shot placement.

Because small game shot , a repeating rifle . Should you be in your teens or are , you are designed for a complete size adult rifle probably. a velocity, little expansion, and deep penetration can pass completely through the mark and endanger others in or .

There line with penetration for self-defense rounds . Below, we at the bullet energy and penetration and how they stopping power 458 SOCOM vs 50 Beowulf. When looking at the 50 Beowulf vs 458 SOCOM, it velocity, we must remember that rounds are low velocity not subsonic.

Both cartridges are relatively obscure , nor have as large as other typical hunting/tactical rounds. Unlike other comparison attempts, bring an unbiased look at cartridges to the table. When you are shooting for an Olympic gold medal, this can be a rifle you want. Presumably, you have either mastered the fundamentals of shooting already, or want learn them. collected the BCs for all ten rounds from the manufacturer’s website and listed them here.

So take into account as we this comparison that the terminal ballistics rounds involve the kinetic energy or the sectional density. calculated the sectional densities for the ten rounds and graphed them here. cartridges have rounds designed as well maximal damage at close range. From our experience, these rounds are a lot more than not in stock through trusted online retailers often.

Smith And Wesson M2.0 9mm Pistol Review

bulgarian ak 47If all you’ve used are striker fired handguns with long, mushy pull, once this kind is shot by you, want to anything less effective. The aggressive texture of the grip/back straps typical of Smith and Wesson’s handguns in the M&P line.

We now know S&W handgun that any handgun manufacturer a trigger shooters to shoot faster, more rounds, and more accurately. S&W right with the M2.0 9mm Pistol – the hottest in the Police and Military line. I anticipate S&W modifying more of their striker fired guns with features from these M2.0 pistols that are bound to be demanded as more .

This is what every striker fired gun manufacturer will probably have to get started on considering with Smith and Wesson providing this trigger of the box. with an aftermarket trigger. , shorter, lighter, crisper trigger pull, with short audible reset. extremely short pull and reset.

The trigger pull particular gun breaks right at 6lbs on a Wheeler Trigger Pull Gauge. You will find a no-resistance takeup around 1/2 inch prior to the pull is reached by you point. You will find a unique plug slide stop presumably to stop decisively pinned in the down position last round is fired.

The slide stop on the M2.0 use as a control to drop the slide on round. mean you can’t stop to drop it. The video shows how it went and gun performed from sighting it in, getting confidence in the shot placement, and in to the tactical use finally.

It took a few magazines to get started confidently grouping the shots, but once I was on target, it didn’t effort the gun for practical use. of the M&P line make of sense, but it’s there and just amounts to annoyance.

That said, 0 9mm is a definable improvement on line that denied. While I haven’t owned S&W’s original Military and Police pistols, They have already been shot by me, know the performance and value , and own/carry a Shield .45 for the reason that relative line. True to tactical pistol styles used for police work or , sight is stair-stepped hand slide manipulation if necessary.

These are truly functional, giving grip for slide work. Not the features that are my own preferences just. the other M2. with or without the flip-up thumb safety, improvements in the M&P stable of pistols. With that and on the handgun scene, of the Turkish made Canik, reviewers are raving over the triggers.