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I asked myself. temptation my binocular, I stared intently for three minutes. The first cottontail simply sat and stared until Tim dropped it at 30 yards. As Tim walked 70 yards to retrieve it, he spooked four others hiding along his path. As we walked toward the sandstone cliffs, two more cottontails rocketed out from nearly underfoot.

Shoot one rabbit ran from behind a sagebrush, I glanced at the sagebrush, the yellow clump was gone. a few stunted clumps of sagebrush, there was no accepted location to hide in Wyoming’s high desert country. better destination to store defense weapon within arm’s reach than under your bed in the secure and Amsec DV 652 Defense Vault.

Subscribe today to have GunHunter . The TVP sports a brown-and-gray laminated stock, equally new Yellow Jacket model the same rifle but with a yellow laminate handle. wilder version Model 597 TVP (Target-Varmint Plinker) with a cantilevered fore-end and a thumbhole buttstock you could throw a cat through.

The Model 597 in .22 Mag proves its worth on small game in Wyoming’s sagebrush country. The Model 597 magnum functioned well. I had a proprietary interest in new autoloader would fare. I uncased the Remington Model 597 .22 magnum I’d stowed in the relative back seat of the truck. Later, Remington invited me through one-way glass as a focus group examined and critiqued (purposely unidentified) gun.

Remington these autoloaders well. Rabbit populations are wax and wane over a 7- or 8-year cycle. Rounds are staggered within the magazine. In the event that you contain the magazine the correct way around even, you must the cartridge rims don’t overlap. These problems annoying, but load the magazine and it’ll work fine correctly.

I can . If hungry coyotes around, you couldn’t prove it by me. For that reason, they get the nod when head-shoot squirrels. To compensate , the .22 magnum bolt is larger and heavier compared to the bolts found in considerably .22 Long Rifle Model 597s. The action springs and some other pieces are similarly beefed up. Over more years than I care to admit, I’ve taken an astronomical number of desert jacks with .22 Long Rifle loads.

We experienced of stovepipe jams while burning through five 50-round boxes of ammunition. Holding my rifle across my lap, I scanned the desert for movement while Tim blew his call. The desert extended to the horizon on side of , while miniature cliffs lined the left. The height and width of the comb appears right for scope use just. gobbler gunning, the reticle in the Brunton scope Duplex crosshairs terminating in circle at .

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Inside this circle is dot. Loading these magazines requires some care. The generous fore-end feels good hands, even though some thinning stood by the pistol grip wrist. Amount of pull can be an 14 inches even. I’ve put of .22 magnum rounds through this rifle, acquired in 1999.