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I . Karla amazing 3-gun shooter and someone I learned from while I was on the FNH USA 3-Gun team back, respect her judgment in terms of firearms. Karla wrote up her first impressions of the 13.5 inch version gun back, and she had good things . She loves the 13.5 inch version, but I prefer extra barrel length on my guns asked for an 18″ version and review.

In fact, a French journalist I was at with said she didn’t around other guns just didn’t have any recoil. as-is from the factory pretty much . I pulled it box at the gun shop, that’s what drew my dealer’s interest the most.

Out on , parts really . But handguard is slimmer and slicker than most 3-gun rifles out there, user still add more stuff. Even though the barrel is 18″ of 16″ like most 3-gun rifles instead, it still feels remarkably light to hold and maneuver. Everything gun feels perfect.

The persons notice relating to this gun muzzle brake. Adjustable gas system. Adjustable muzzle brake. They’ve used the keymod standard mounting system handguard, for more rails you’re only an Amazon order away – no proprietary pieces . There isn’t ton of recoil 5.56 NATO cartridge, you’re in a competition where fractions of matter every help matters.

The top rail on the handguard has been mostly removed, with bit left at end for mounting iron sights or such. That slimmer profile handguard saves on weight and increases ergonomics, usability. Surrounding that barrel is a custom handguard that Armalite is selling as another piece for project guns now.

Most guns in this category just Magpul CTR and call it done. The gun handles , and you will that the action moves to cycle – a millimeter more. The barrel on the gun is (for extra bling – no use winning a competition if you don’t look fabulous ) and sports a medium profile throughout length.

The brake does an outstanding job – recoil nonexistent, and getting fast follow-up shots is straightforward as pie. Another factor impacting that recoil adjustable gas block. Hidden handguards, profile gas block be adjusted there’s barely enough gas to cycle the action. The gas block user adjusted, so you change your loads and need to re-calibrate your gas system its all within your capabilities.

A finely tuned gas system the bolt carrier from slamming around such as a 500 pound man throwing a temper tantrum, your gun from being jolted off target. The screws of the brake regulate the number of gas being expelled in each direction, to help you tinker to your heart’s delight with flathead screwdriver on .

To really see what she can do we strapped a U.S. Its solid as . That might such as a good chunk of change, but considering firearms manufacturers are charging because of their 3-gun rifles that’s a bargain. is something I wish more gun manufacturers would embrace: rail for , and standard options for more.

The trigger is a Timney 3-pound single stage trigger, that is a fine choice in both design and manufacturers and an extremely crisp and clean trigger pull. Adjustable stock for comb height and pull. The stock may seem to be a little plastic-y, but that’s because its plastic. And rounding off the changes is a nifty bolt catch / release paddle designed to user to lock the bolt back easier than normal.