In fact, the shoo-off muzzle cover is accessory trunk gun. Toss in stripper clips of cheap mil-surp 7.62x54R and you’ve got trunk gun and 400 rounds of ammunition for price. Because ammunition for the lever-action rifle kept in a bandoleer or sling, we’d nod to the SKS in this comparison.

While it too fixed magazine, high-capacity 20-round magazines and quickly reload using stripper clips give it advantage. If you’re looking in a durable truck gun, we must nod to the Saiga in .308.

It might not exactly be the most effective to reload, and if you’re just hauling it around as a “” rifle, Look around somewhat and you’re sure to find Mosin Nagants with tag. FAL and CETME are both fine rifles, the FAL has been somewhat finicky about the gas adjustment and CETMEs built by Century is questioned by some.

Stepping up somewhat to rifles chambered in larger calibers 7.62×39 and .30-30, the ever-popular (and generally very inexpensive) SKS and the venerable .30-30. , the CETME, FAL, I’m limiting discussion to these rifles as they are relatively, while at the same time very durable. Nowadays, many farmers and ranchers still keep a durable rifle hung in the window or stashed behind the seat for the same reason.

Cost is another issue, as a trunk gun could be subject to more wear and tear, and it’d shame to get a thousand-dollar rifle from riding behind the seat of your pickup. While they might not be the prettiest rifles, it’s pretty justify spending on a rifle you can toss behind a pickup seat or in the trunk of .

The AK slightly more reliable and will be abused and neglected that the AR cannot. AR-10s and LR 308s are more accurate; both shooting 1 MOA or less at 100 yards. drawback of the Mini-14 and Mini-30 is that they use proprietary Ruger magazines, of the more easily available AR or AK magazines instead.

The Mini-14 and Mini-30 similar rifles caliber, and Ruger markets both as Ranch Rifles; a clear indication of their intended roles as truck guns. Without getting into the specifics or whether you trunk gun, let’s discuss the types of rifles that as trunks guns commonly. If you tend to go the AR route, we recommend getting magazine covers or using Magpul PMags with dust covers, as well as muzzle cover to keep dust and dirt out of your rifle and magazines.

AK comparison, we the AK wins out when a folding stock. There are various accessories for these three shotguns, including folding stocks, tactical rails etc, so that you can customize your shotty you prefer however. The Sub-2000 the distinct folding for just 16 inches. The Hi Point 995 Carbine may be the most affordable carbine of the group probably, only uses 10-round Hi Point magazines and fold Sub-2000.

The Sub-2000 in configurations use Glock, SIG, including high-capacity 30-round mags. With their fire various rounds, shotguns could be effective from point-blank range all of the real way to avoid it to 100 yards, , with slug.

Pump action shotguns the most used, with the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590A1 and the Winchester 1300 rounding out the most notable choices. Like their pistol caliber shooting brethren, the Winchester 94 and Marlin lever-action .30-30 rifles magazine tube, making reloading more time-consuming and difficult.

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We’ve discussed the having a pistol caliber carbine before. AK-47s, AR-15s, Mini-14s and Mini-30s fine intermediate caliber rifles. All three rifles shoot 2-3 MOA group, so accuracy is decent enough. A genuine number of rifles fit this bill which range from the many lever-action Marlins obtainable in .357 and .44 Magnum to autoloading carbines that share pistol magazines Ruger PC9, the Hi Point carbine and the Kel-Tec Sub-2000.